What to eat for depression

What to eat for depression

What to eat for depression?

As for many of us it means the word depression? Everyone has their own association. Someone compares this condition with gray and rainy evening, for someone to depression associated with a sad film, for someone - with missed opportunities. Each of us has his own reasons and their own depression. How to get rid of this negative state, and whether this help us foods that we eat, and most importantly - what products are best used for depression? Let's talk about it. What is depression - the theme of our discussion today.

Of course, for many people, depression is associated with a sense of sadness, anxiety, loss of a good mood. Many people, from those who suffer from depression can not even think properly, their movements inhibited, stop depression antidepressants and they do not drink or take away any narcotic drug, that would somehow stifle his depression. When depression lowered self-esteem, there is a loss of interest in life and usual activities. Depression - a mental disorder, which affects 10% of the population over the age of 40 years, of which two-thirds - are women.


Causes of depression varied. Depression can be the result of a dramatic or tragic experiences, such as the loss of a loved one, job, social status, or the death of someone from relatives. This depression is more reactive name, because, in fact, a reaction to a particular event or phenomenon. However, according to some theories, the depression may occur when an excessive load in the brain by stress, which is based may lie both physiological and psychosocial factors. Depression can also be caused by a somatic factor, for example, stroke, traumatic brain injury, diabetes and many others. Depression is not a rare phenomenon in modern society as well as the current problems with the environment and social factors are a good "breeding ground" for the emergence of depression.

For many people, but for almost all, perhaps, depression - real punishment. To the pleasant fatigue, emotions, sense of apathy? Often, depression can also cause suicidal thoughts, thoughts that have literally destroyed. However, there are ways to deal with depression, and as though it may sound strange, it is a simple meal. Of course, all the way from depression, they do not relieve us, but cheer up and get away from bad thoughts will help. What to eat for depression?

Bananas. Perhaps the most "happy" the fruit is bananas. They are recommended to eat people who suffer from depression, bad mood, stress. Bananas are the best antidepressant, besides, they are rich in vitamins.

Chocolate. No wonder they say that "if you want to cheer yourself up - you need to eat a piece of chocolate." We advise you at the first sign of depression, to taste this product.

Lettuce, spinach, greens and cabbage. Here are some of the champions by folic acid content, which is so necessary to the body for depression.

Salmon, shrimp, chicken. They are just as good, and these products are antidepressants. Besides, vitamin B-6, which is contained in them, very good for insomnia.

Kiwi fruit, citrus, black currant. These products contain vitamin C, which increases the tone the body and greatly influences our mood.

Onion and garlic. Many people advise that it is the use of onions and garlic in the food helps to get rid of depression.

Milk and milk products. Substances that are contained in their structure as well help us get rid of this scourge.

Unfortunately, depression phenomenon is still quite frequent and can often lead to very serious consequences, so at the first sign of depression, still recommend to consult a doctor. Health to you.

Recent medical studies have shown that excessive consumption of sweets strengthens depressed. Do not forget about the healing vitamin C, together with vitamin B-6 and folic acid, it helps the body to fight the melancholy and bad mood. Large amounts of vitamin C is found in black currants, sea buckthorn, kiwi, citrus, garlic, onion, celery, red pepper, spinach, in the fruit of wild rose.

If you have a lack of B vitamins and magnesium, it can make your nervous system more excited. As a result, you may overreact to stress and find that you find it hard to relax and sleep. The easiest way to check this is to take a supplement containing vitamins B complex and 300 mg of magnesium daily. Another possible factor - the level of blood sugar. If you crave sweet foods or stimulants: tea, coffee, chocolate or cigarettes, it may mean that your body is bad regulates blood sugar levels. This can lead to overly sharp reactions to stressful situations. The solution here lies in the fact that there are natural products and a sufficient amount of protein to carbohydrate balance to stabilize blood sugar levels. You should ensure that you consume a handful of seeds from the fruit, pasty-mentioned, oat cakes, tofu, chicken with rice or potatoes and so on. Adding a 200 micrograms of chromium can also help.

Did you know that the increase in physical activity, keeping a diary, and stroking the cat has the same effect, if not better, than medications against depression? Simple things, such as walking in the countryside or a conversation with someone, really save from depression. This is indicated by many, especially women who do suffer from low levels of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that enhances the mood. The body produces it from the amino acid tryptophan, found in dietary protein. Most diets for weight loss are low in tryptophan, so if you follow a diet or do not eat enough protein, you can get depressed. The form of tryptophan called 5-hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP), the most easily absorbed by the brain and is therefore the best way to maintain normal levels of serotonin and through it your mood. Beans are rich in 5-HTP, but I would recommend adding it to the 100 mg twice a day.

Your eating and drinking can also cause negative feelings. I would recommend to give up all stimulants such as coffee, tea, cigarettes, sugar or sugary foods and drinks. They may cause anxiety, and mood swings in energy and concentration. Make sure you eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables; Whole grains such as brown rice and fiber (beans and lentils), and maintain a high level of PA consumption of fish and chicken. The main way to combat depression is to increase the level of fatty acids omega-3 contained in oily fish and flaxseed. These fats are very necessary for the normal functioning of the brain, and there is evidence that their addition to the diet has helped many people who are prone to depression. In addition, I suggest you take a multivitamin complex, rich in vitamins of group B.

Finally, the medicinal herb St John's becoming a major natural remedy to relieve mild depression, providing only a favor and do not have side effects. Take 300 mg grass that typically contains 0.3% of hypericin, or three times a day. I recommend trying the first 5-HTP, and then the herb St. John's each drug for two weeks. In the meantime, use all the other offers - walking, a good diet, fish oil containing the fatty acid series omega-3, vitamins and the elimination of stimulants and sugar - for the month, before you decide to take antidepressants.